How old should my child be to use Colour Me Mats products?
Colour Me Mats reusable silicone colouring mats are great from 18 months to 80 years old! It is fun for doodling or therapeutic colouring and serves as a dining mat too! Our specially designed raised edge around the border is designed to guide young children to colour within the mat and contain any dining messes and spills.

What are Colour Me Mats made of?
All our mats are made of safe, food grade and non-toxic silicone with SGS and FDA certifications.

What are the size dimensions of Colour Me Mats?
Our regular mats are 40cm long and 26cm wide; and our puzzle mats are 16cm long and 11cm wide. With a 1.25mm thickness which provides great durability and flexibility, our mats roll up and fold easily for great portability – perfect for use on-the-go!

Which markers work with Colour Me Mats?
Our mats will work with any alcohol-based whiteboard marker or dry-erase marker. Do note that washable markers that are water-based and tend to be watery can be used on our mats, however they are not recommended as they will stain your hands upon contact of the coloured areas. Please do not use any permanent markers as this will stain the mats and may not be removed.

How do I wash Colour Me Mats?
All our mats come with a buttery smooth top for easy cleaning even when ink is left on for days! Simply use a wet wipe and wipe it clean, or you can also use soap and water to clean them up. Put them into a steam / UV sterilizer to kill bacteria!

How will Colour Me Mats be packed?
To lower cost and transfer greater value to you, there is no packaging for the mats and markers. The markers will come in a fuss-free clear cellophane plastic. Bundle sets with our canvas drawstring bags are available as a gift option. Our canvas drawstring bags are also available for sale separately. Your orders will be placed into a polymailer bag for local delivery in Singapore. For orders in bigger volume, it will come packed in a carton box.

Are there new designs coming soon?
Thank you for your love of our original Colour Me Mats designs! We love them as much as you too! We are constantly thinking of new designs to launch and are often inspired by our children and the picture books we read. We appreciate every single support, sale and encouragement - they mean so much to us! All our new designs will be announced and launched on our Instagram @colourmemats before being uploaded here on our website. Do follow us and keep a look out! Meanwhile, tell us what you would love to see on Colour Me Mats by dropping us a note at hello@colourmemats.com.sg!

Is there a pop-up store or physical store where I can find Colour Me Mats?
Yes! Kindly refer to our Stockist page to see where we're stocked at! If you can think of a place where you would love to see Colour Me Mats retailing at, send us a note and we will try our best to make it happen!

I'd like to commission Colour Me Mats to design and produce colouring mats, is that possible?
Yes! Drop us an email at hello@colourmemats.com.sg and we'll discuss further!

Have more questions?
Send us your queries via our Contact Us page, or email at hello@colourmemats.com.sg and we will be happy to help!